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Portrait of Henry Wilson Sweet Sr.

H. W. Sweet was Bessemer, Alabama's first undertaker, and was also a furniture dealer.

Moses Building (2).jpg

Commerce Street looking North from Court Square, Montgomery, Ala.

A hand-colored postcard featuring the Exchange Hotel and the Moses Building.

Moses Building.jpg

Court Square, Montgomery, Ala.

A postcard featuring a black and white image of the Moses Building located in Court Square, Montgomery, Ala.

Pickett Springs.jpg

Pickett Springs, Montgomery, Ala.

A hand-colored postcard for Pickett Springs in Montgomery, Ala.

Normandale Shopping Center.jpg

Normandale Shopping City

A real picture postcard of an aerial view of the Normandale Shopping Center in Montgomery, Ala. The back reads, "NORMANDALE SHOPPING CITY. Located on…

Great Southern Hotel.jpg

Great Southern Hotel

A hand-colored postcard for the Great Southern Hotel in Hollywood, Flo.

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